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The following are books that Peter Osborne has either written, co-written or designed and most are available on either Amazon or Barnes and Noble. Starred items can be obtained from the author directly. 


Nebraska Sign-posts: Robert Henri's Years on the Great Plains

Robert Henri Museum and Art Gallery, 2023

Images of the Five Mile Woods Preserve

Heritage Conservancy, Doylestown, PA, 2018

The Five Mile Woods Preserve: A History

Heritage Conservancy, Doylestown, PA, 2017

The Trains of Our Memory:

A History of the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania

 Yardley Press, Yardley, PA, 2016

To Know Who We Are and Where We Came From:

The Genealogy of Peter Osborne including the Thompson,  Steck, Adams and Osborne Families

Easton, PA, 2015

No Spot In This Far Land Is More Immortalized:

A History of Pennsylvania’s Washington Crossing Historic Park

            Yardley, Press, Yardley, PA, 2014

(Winner of the Ann Hawkes Hutton Park Ambassador Award – 2017)

Where Washington Once Led:

A History of New Jersey’s Washington Crossing State Park

Yardley Press, Yardley, PA, 2013

(Winner of the Ann Hawkes Hutton Park Ambassador Award – 2017)

So Many Brave Men: The Battle at Minisink Ford

Pienpack Company, co-authored with Mark Hendrickson and Jon Inners

Pienpack Press, Easton, PA, 2010

 * Lewis and Clark and Me

Pienpack Press, Port Jervis, NY, 2009 (Digital book)

For Always: Memories of Janis

Pienpack Press, Port Jervis, NY, 2008

Our Town: Historic Port Jervis 1907-2007

Co-author Daniel Dwyer, Minisink Press, Port Jervis, NY,  2007

Vigilance & Perseverance: The History of the Old Decker Stone House

 Minisink Press, Port Jervis, NY, 2007

Hail Matamoras: Matamoras, Pennsylvania 1905-2005

 Compiled and designed book for Matamoras Centennial

 Minisink Press, Port Jervis, NY, 2007

The Delaware River Heritage Trail Guide

 Minisink Press, Port Jervis, NY, 2006

Images of America: Promised Land State Park

Arcadia Publishing Company, Portsmouth, NH, 2006

Images of America: Hacklebarney and Voorhees State Parks, New Jersey

 Arcadia Publishing Company, Portsmouth, NH, 2004

Images of America: High Point State Park

and the Civilian Conservation Corps

Arcadia Publishing Company, Portsmouth, NH, 2002

We Can Take It!

The Roosevelt Tree Army at New Jersey’s High Point State Park 


Author House, Bloomington, IN, 2002

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