TESTIMONIALS We are proud of what participants have said about our company's presentations over the years including walking tours, lectures, and motor coach tours. Here are some of their comments.
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About Peter's Programs . . . "We had a wonderful afternoon listening to Peter Osborne speak about Fort Decker in Port Jervis, New York." "Despite a snow storm two days before there were 45 people in the audience to hear Mr. Osborne's speak about the Bridges of the Delaware River Valley. It was a wonderful afternoon and everyone in attendance enjoyed his presentation." Matamoras-Westfall Historical Society member "That was a really, really good lecture on Lewis and Clark." Tom F. "For days afterward some of those who attended your presentation remarked to me how much they enjoyed the presentation. It makes me feel good to hear these unsolicited favorable comments . . . ." John W., Chairman, Program Committee Senior Men's Club "Excellent speaker. Well organized and very knowledgeable. His enthusiasm is infectious and appreciated his handout." Elderhostel participant "Very knowledgeable and informative" Sally R. Elderhostel "Superb" Carol N. Elderhostel "I have read lots of the books he listed and mentioned. I grew up with FDR as my only President. But I learned some new things and thought he put it all together beautifully." Alice R Elderhostel "Peter Osborne was fascinating, good communicator and I wanted to hear more." Elderhostel "Could have spent days listening to him. Excellent." Lyn S. Elderhostel "Exploding with his enthusiam in his presentation." Nancy S. Elderhostel "A listener's dream of time consumed" Alvan S. Elderhostel What Reviewers said about Where Washington Once Led: A History of New Jersey's Washington Crossing State Park: The Committee was certainly impressed with the scholarship and exhaustive effort that went into Where Washington Once Led. One of our Committee members commented that this was indeed the 'Bible of Washington Crossing Park' and we all agreed. The topographical nature of the history was outstanding and the detail was immense, which will be a huge boon for future researchers. The maps and illustrations are wonderful (can you imagine if the one design with the Greek pillars on each side of the river was implemented?) and many Committee members commented that other state parks cry out for such professional and similar coverage. On behalf of the entire Committee, I would like to thank you very much for your nomination, for supporting our Author's Awards, but most importantly for publishing and spreading the news about our Garden State. NJSAA, Author Awards Committee A History of the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania 1965-2015 An institutional history might seem like dull reading, but Peter Osborne has written an easy-to-digest account of the first 50 years of the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania . . . Perhaps the best way to convey the scope of the book is to put it in terms of page counts: 16 pages of front matter, nearly 400 pages of history, 82 pages of essays by principals in the story, 39 pages of endnotes, 18 pages of index listings, and 16 pages of bibliography . . . This book is a magnum opus. All museums, especially railroad museums, should be so fortunate to have such an encyclopedic and exhaustive record of their mission and work. Dan Cupper Deputy Editor, Railroad History magazine Recent Media Releases
Photo Courtesies: Rick Hibberd - Taken on Delaware River Heritage Trail, Port Jervis, New York and High Point State Park, Montague, New Jersey William Clark - DAR meeting at Fort Decker Museum of History, Port Jervis, New York, Tom Faggione - Lecture at Port Java, Port Jervis, New York