History will be kind to me for I intend to write it. Winston Churchill
WELCOME Welcome to the web page of The Wild Horse Creek Company, LLC, formerly known as the Pienpack Company, LLC, and owned by Peter Osborne. In the summer of 2016 we moved to Red Cloud, Nebraska to be closer to the Rocky Mountains, family in Denver, Colorado and to immerse ourselves in the history of Willa Cather and the Great Plains. However, for our clients back in the East, we continue to maintain an office there and are commuting back and forth regularly to work on various projects and commissions. Please see our contact page for the addresses of each of our offices. The mission of the Wild Horse Creek Company is to provide exciting journeys of discovery into our nation’s history and the Delaware Valley’s regional history through presentations, lectures, demonstrations, motor coach tours and publications. We have been providing on and off-site programming to civic, historical, fraternal, church groups, seminars, Elderhostel, Road Scholar, and various meetings for more than thirty-five years. In addition we have designed interpretive exhibits for regional historical groups over the years. Our company has been commissioned to undertake a variety of projects including the researching, writing and designing of several full-length institutional histories during the last five years. We have just finished writing a two-volume comprehensive history about the Five Mile Woods Preserve including a collection of photographs by award-winning photographers. The Preserve is located in Lower Makefield Township which is located in southern Bucks County, Pennsylvania. It is home to several unique geological features, including the Fall Line, where the Piedmont Plain and the Coastal Plain meet. This is the only few section of the Fall Line that remains undisturbed in Pennsylvania, Delaware and Ne Jersey that includes this much acreage. It also includes a number of rare and unusual plant species, some of which are found only in southeastern Pennsylvania. The Preserve was also the focus of an important community effort to save it in the late 1970s. The books are available for purchase on-line. A book launch will take place for both volumes will take place on September 16, 2017 at Harvest Day in Yardley. Come and see us at the Preserve's booth. In May 2016 we finished the first institutional history ever written about the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania located in Strasburg, Pennsylvania. Commissioned by a museum benefactor it is 600 pages long with more than 100 illustrations. See well-known railroad historian Dan Cupper's review of the book in our bookstore section. You can purchase the books on-line or at local retailers. Wholesalers can contact us directly as we do offer discounts and special features. In 2014 we completed a two-volume, twelve-hundred page comprehensive history of the two historic state parks on the Delaware River at Washington's Crossing. The first volume is entitled Where Washington Once Led: A History of New Jersey's Washington Crossing Historic Park and was released in 2013. The second volume is entitled No Spot In This Far Land Is More Immortalized: A History of Washington Crossing Historic Park and was released in 2014. Both were commissioned by a park benefactor and were recently the recipient of the Ann Hawkes Hutton Park Ambassador Award presented by the Friends of Washington Crossing Park. Thank you for visiting our site and if you have any questions or would like further information about our programs, projects or commissions please feel free to contact us. We are presently seeking new commissions.
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